Artificial Turf Maintenance Services in Tennessee and Throughout Southeastern US

Contact us today to schedule our Kormac Protection Trifecta for a thorough evaluation of your synthetic turf field.

At Kormac, we understand that protecting your artificial turf investment goes far beyond maximizing its lifespan and keeping up its appearance, and that’s why we put player safety at the heart of our field maintenance program. Athletes depend on you to provide a safe, durable and reliable surface where they can hone their skills and perform at their very best. From monitoring infill depth to detecting tripping hazards, loose seams or inlays, defects, premature fiber degradation or other abnormalities, regular field maintenance plays a key role in providing superior playability while exceeding minimum safety standards. At Kormac, we provide the top-of-the-line artificial turf maintenance services throughout Tennessee and the southeastern U.S. so that you can rest easy knowing that your turf is properly cared for and your investment protected for years to come.

The purpose of artificial turf maintenance is to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics, maximize the life of your investment, and certify that your field is within compliant GMAX testing standards.  Knowing if and when your turf needs maintenance services is as simple as asking a few questions.

  • Do you know when your turf will need to be replaced?
  • Do you know whether the field is GMAX compliant as per ASTM Standards?
  • Is the playing surface compacted and hard or are the fibers flat, creased or bent?
  • Does the turf infill feel bumpy and uneven in high-wear areas?
  • Do you see any visibly loose seams, undulations or inlays?

If you don’t know the answers to the first two questions or if you answered yes to the last three, then you definitely need the Kormac Protection Trifecta. Our 3-step artificial turf maintenance program determines the safety of your field and identifies areas that need attention. By identifying these vulnerabilities, we know exactly what needs to be done to protect your investment and prevent expensive repairs down the line by catching them before they become major issues.

GMAX Testing

This is the first step in our evaluation process and ensures that your synthetic grass is up to ASTM standards when it comes to shock-absorption. We test this by dropping a 20-pound impact missile at various points across the field and measuring the impact from 10 different points to determine a field average. We recommend annual GMAX testing for most fields.

20-Point Field Safety Inspection

The second part of our evaluation process, this test involves a physical and visual inspection of your artificial grass field in order to identify any possible problem areas. These could include infill deficiencies, tripping hazards, loose seams or inlays, defects, premature fiber degradation or other abnormalities. We inspect every inch of your turf to make sure everything is in working condition, taking careful note of any potential trouble spots, particularly around high-use areas.

Using a grid pattern to accurately determine the average infill depth across your field is the third and final step of the Kormac Protection Trifecta. Using a 36” gauge with three hardened prongs to ensure accurate readings, this test determines how much infill you need to add to your field. This is particularly important around high-use areas such as mid-field logos, goal areas, penalty marks, or any other areas as determined by the sport.

If you’re looking to make the most of your artificial turf, get the proper maintenance from Kormac. Throughout Tennessee and the southeastern United States, we are the leading provider of sports turf and field maintenance services. Call us at 615.258.5591 or contact us online today and let’s make sure your turf lasts for years to come.