Kormac Protection Trifecta

At Kormac, we understand the value in extending the life of your turf investment; while protecting those using it each day. Proper turf maintenance keeps your athletes safe on impact, keeps your field looking great and performing at its best, and gives you piece of mind that your field is safe.

Our Protection Trifecta is a comprehensive 3-step evaluation of your field safety, performance, and aesthetics.

Our evaluation provides a maintenance road map to help protect you, your players, and field performance while maximizing the life of your investment.

Watch this short video to find out if your field is safe?    



GMAX testing is an ASTM Governed test that provides facility owners an established guideline for their field safety. GMAX testing measures the force of how much the surface absorbs. The test ensures your field is safe and indicates areas that may need additional attention or repair if user traffic is heavy in certain areas. Testing should be performed a minimum annually.

– GMAX & HIC Testing 1.Initial GMAX & HIC testing of the field(s) in accordance with ASTM F1936-10. The Standard Test Method for Shock-Absorbing properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials.  GMAX & HIC test evaluation forms for the field will be sent to the owner within 5 business days of the testing date.

The 20-point field safety inspection is a visual and physical evaluation of your field to ensure there are no abnormalities, defects, torn seams or inlays, trip hazards, and to identify possible problem areas on your field for corrective action.

– Owner will receive 20 Point field safety inspection including an evaluation form with recommended corrective action within 5 business days.

The 45-point infill depth check measures the depth of the infill on a grid pattern to determine your existing infill depths. The proper amount of infill is vital to the performance and longevity of your field. Infill also protects the turf fibers from damage, and keeps them upright.

– Owner will receive 45-point infill depth check results form including an illustration of the field depicting test points and existing infill depths within 5 business days.